Certification for Experienced Operators

Heavy Equipment Certification in Less Than a Day at a Fraction of the Cost

Full equipment training programs can take months to complete and are not practical for operators with years of experience.  High Velocity Equipment Training College's Certification for Experienced Operators program allows experienced workers to challenge the full course and obtain the certification their skills warrant.  Operators will be tested on their knowledge of basic operation and techniques, equipment and personal safety, and preventative maintenance.

High Velocity Equipment Training College is Canada's leader in heavy equipment training schools offering training to both individuals and industry.  Now we're bringing our wealth of experience and highly qualified instructional staff to you in order to help qualified operators gain the certification they deserve.

You are an experienced operator.  You have likely spent years learning hard lessons in the industry and learning that a great operator is not just a person who knows what sticks to pull, but a person who has a feel for the machine and the experience to get here you are today.

But right now, all across the country, a monumental shift is taking place.  The companies and industries that drive heavy equipment operation are preferring certified workers.

HEO Certification for Experienced Operators challenges you to "be the best", continue down the path you have begun, gain your certification and bring your years of experience with you to become the clear choice.


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Fully Licensed Training on

  • Excavator
  • Dozer
  • Loader
  • Rock Truck
  • Grader

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