Press Releases


January 2016, Camrose Canadian


Training Offers Amputee New Career Trajectory



August 2015, Camrose Canadian


High Velocity Invites Public to Play in the Dirt



June 2014, Blackfly Gazette


Heavy Equipment Training in NB



June 2014, Blackfly Gazette


Heavy Equipment Training in NB



November 2014, Oilfield Pulse


A Sense of Community



August 2014, Ermineskin Newsletter


Heavy Equipmnet Graduation Ermineskin Cree Nation



May 2013, Nationtalk


Training for Job Boom Key to Aboriginal Engagement



May 2013, Gateway Gazette


Rising Hope for Aboriginal People in Canada’s Prison System



May 2013, Yahoo! Finance


Women in Non-Traditional Occupations are Impressing Employers and Raising Eyebrows of Male Counterparts



March 2013.  Financial Post


BCGold Corp. Signs Agreement With Solid Holdings Ltd. to Develop and Operate Engineer Mine



January 2013,  Wire Service


Heavy Equipment Training College tackles the daunting challenge facing Canada’s skilled labour shortage



October 2012.  The Canadian Business Journal


Real World Equipment Training



June 2012.  Aboriginal Marketplace


First Nations baby boomers get a second career chance



June 18, 2012.


Highbank sponsors aboriginal training partnership with High Velocity Equipment Training



February 18, 2012.  The Camrose Canadian


Mayor and MP Stop in at Equipment Training Centre



December 2011.  The Camrose Canadian


High Velociy Training Centre Continues To Grow



November 9, 2010.  Canadian Newswire


Continued Service Worth Remembering



2010.  County Market


High Velocity Equipment Training Helps Aboriginal Communities To Grow



August 27, 2009.  Canadian Newswire


Invitation to Attend - The Problem with Heavy Equipment Training!



June 27, 2009.  The Journal of Commerce


Alberta Metis Set To Begin Heavy Equipment Training



May 20, 2009.  Canadian Newswire


Employment and Immigration Managers Praise Heavy Equipment Training Site



December 23, 2008.  Canadian Newswire


Bright Star in Economic Gloom as New Graduates Earn Certification


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  • Rock Truck
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